Neuropathy Pain Can Be Stopped with Dr.Labrum’s Neuropathy Solution

After attending one of Dr. Labrum’s public classes about neuropathy, I decided to purchase his new book about this neuropathy problem which has been such a plague to me.

peripheral neuropathy home remedies

I had hopes that the book would be as entertaining and easy to understand as the class was.

I am happy to announce to anyone reading this, that the book far exceeded my expectations. It is indeed easy to read and fully understand the causes and self-treatment procedures needed to treat and correct the condition of peripheral neuropathy yourself.

Dr. Randall C. Labrum

Dr. Labrum has artfully avoided using too much scientific language which would make it difficult for the medically uneducated reader. I found only a few words which were not in my own vocabulary, and Dr. Labrum has explained them clearly in the short text of his book. I am now much more educated on this subject.

As a person with neuropathy, I have, in the past, been frustrated not knowing all that I should about its cause and correct treatment procedures. I think my most favorite thing about this book is the format of the content. It is designed to be used as an instructional manual which is easy to review and look back to any given point about managing this problem. The pictures, illustrations, and art work make it even more easily understood.

I have printed the e-book from my home computer printer and now have a copy which I keep by me. I can also share it with my family and friends as they ask how I got myself better and how I am now walking normally. They are amazed and so am I.”

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