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10 Things You Need to Know about Peripheral Neuropathy

Numbness. Prickling. Tingling. Burning. Debilitating pain in the feet, toes, and lower legs. Or in the hands, fingers and lower arms. Perhaps even in both locations. These are the most common symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy, a vexing disorder brought on by damage to the peripheral nervous system which today affects tens of millions of Americans, and many more millions of people around the globe.

Things You Need to Know about Peripheral Neuropathy

Here are 10 things you absolutely need to know about Peripheral Neuropathy.

1) The number of peripheral neuropathy sufferers just cited only reflects the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, in years to come peripheral neuropathy, which is right now increasing in prevalence at a mind-blowing rate, has the potential to become one of the most widespread scourges humanity has yet known.

5 False Neuropathy Facts Your Doctor Mistakenly Promotes

As I go from place to place giving lectures, classes and seminars on the subject of Peripheral Neuropath, an unfortunate situation continues cause me great concern. Without exception, my seminar attendees think and believe that their condition of neuropathy has no cure.

Neuropathy Facts

The medical community is largely responsible for this misinformation being passed on to the suffering patient. In my view it is the job and responsibility of the family doctor to teach the patient about their neuropathy problem. It is also the doctor’s job to train the patient in what they can do to improve and manage their neuropathy case successfully.