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How Does Acupuncture Help Relieve Stress?

Today’s world can fill the very busy individual with a lot of stress. Without some way of removing this stress from your system, you’re placing yourself in danger from a lot of stress-related diseases. You might suffer from insomnia or headaches or very serious heart diseases.

How Does Acupuncture Help Relieve Stress

You could take anti-stress pills to help you relax but, like me, you might also be worried about the side effects these pills could have. The good news is that you could try acupuncture at least once to see if it could help you manage the stress. It certainly couldn’t hurt to try acupuncture if all you’re after is stress relief.

Tips & Strategies for Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain illness that causes the victim to become confused and lose his cognitive functions. That means, as the disease progresses, he becomes unable to learn, think clearly, remember or retain information, reason out, make judgments, and do any of his normal everyday activities. Pretty soon, he even loses his ability to communicate, forcing him to withdraw from his environment.

Strategies for Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

People suffering from this tragic disease need our constant care and attention. But more than that, they need an Alzheimer’s cure. The only problem is that there is no Alzheimer’s cure, to date, and only very little treatment available. However, with the increase in Alzheimer’s cases over the course of a decade, much of the research now going on has been focused on finding an Alzheimer’s cure and fast.

Why Your Relationship Might Be Causing Your Stress?

Perhaps nothing is as important in our lives as our relationships with other people. It has often been said that a happy family is a key to success. Much of our joy comes from our memories of Thanksgiving dinners around the dining room table or Christmas presents exchanged in the family room. But it is also true that the relationships that provide us with so much happiness can also be a source of stress.

Relationship Causing You Stress

Mental health experts say that our interpersonal relationships can increase our stress level. Since it is not possible nor advisable to eliminate these relationships from our lives, we have to work hard to ensure that our relationships do not get the better of us. This means focusing our attention on the inherent stressors within relationships and doing our best to eliminate or at least reduce stress where possible.

Self Management Strategies in Recovery From Autism

Self-discipline is a skill that most autistic children have trouble acquiring. This includes not only inappropriate outbursts, but also habits that can be potentially dangerous, such as being aggressive towards others or causing harm to themselves, such as banging their heads off walls.

Self Management Strategies in Recovery From Autism

To prevent these and other behaviors, one technique parents and educators can use to control autistic tendencies is self-management. Giving the child power over him or herself is often the key to keeping control over violent situations and may be a positive step towards learning other behaviors as well.

Why Lack of Sleep is Bad for Your Health?

We all know sleep is important, but few people realize that not getting enough sleep pretty much neutralizes the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

why lack of sleep is bad for your health

When we sleep, protein production takes place that provides the necessary building blocks for cell growth and repair: The body recovers from stress damage, damage caused by ultraviolet rays and immunity is boosted.